Next Heavy Body Standard Set 380ml Pack of 2 - Temporally Price Reduction

Pack of 2

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Next Digital VPS Impression material is European-made with superior quality -- it is vacuum packed to eliminate bubbles and bad mixtures that can pull, tear, or drag. The Next Digital VPS Impression System is completely digital scannable, eliminating the need to pour stone models. Moving your Next Digital VPS into the stage of Digital Dentistry and 3D Cad/Cam Technology.

Next Digital VPS Heavy Body is Extremely rigid and hydrophilic which displaces blood and soft tissue. The rigidity of these materials also locks in scan-bodies and implant abutments, virtually eliminating try-ins and jigs. Ideal for implants.

Including 2x380ml Next Heavy Body Fast Set + 2 rings + 10 tips

Work time: 1.30 setting time: 3.0