Shining 3D Desktop Scanner - AutoScan-DS-EX Pro

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  • No yearly scanning / dongle fees.
  • Works perfectly with Exocad software
  • Makes excellent scans of Next Digital VPS
  • Create open STL files

 Many scanners currently on the market have a significant up-front investment that also require annual fees for their use. The Shining scanner has a smaller investment with no annual scanning or dongle fees, and it is the perfect complement to Next Digital™ VPS. Scanning and e-mailing is simple; your dental assistant can scan Next Digital impressions and e-mail the files in just a few clicks with the Shining -DS-EX Pro • Scanning and e-mailing digital impressions eliminates shipping costs and shortens delivery time. Shipping impression costs may more than double in the future, due to regulations to prevent viruses spreading from impressions -- scanning and e-mailing them could save you this money.

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