1. About this program:

    Our program offers free high-quality, European-made impression materials with your commitment to doing lab work with us.

    The program has two steps:

    • First, the Trial Pack: We send you three free samples – 1Heavy Body 50ml plus, 1 Light Body 50ml, and 1 Full Zirconia Posterior Crown
    • After the trial, if you are satisfied with the product, you can request the Digital Pack: We will offer you a few options for additional free impression materials and a few options for lab work that we support, which you will choose to sign up for.

  2. Dentalree is not a dental lab, why are you offering lab work?

    That is correct; Dentalree is not a dental lab, but we do partner with excellent dental labs. When Dentalree receives a lab case to be made from Next Digital Impression Materials, we scan the impressions with a desktop scanner and send the digital file to a partner lab. We want to introduce dentists to the highest-quality impression materials and demonstrate an alternative and more convenient way to shift to digital dentistry.

    Note: Dentalree will ONLY accept dental lab cases made from Next Digital Impression Materials that we provide to you.

  3. About Next Digital Impression Materials:

    Next Digital Impression Material is high-quality, vacuum-packaged, and made in Europe. It is made of the most hydrophilic material, which provides amazing accuracy for crown, bridge and implant restorations. Next Digital Heavy Body’s extreme stiffness (highest durometer), together with Next Digital Light Body, displaces soft tissue and ensures a snap fit of implant analogs.

    Next Digital Impression Material is fully digitally scannable, which allows Dentalree to scan the impression and supply our partner labs with a high-quality digital image, which ensures high-quality results from the lab and significantly reduces remake rate.

  4. What is the Trial Pack program?

    Dentalree will provide one Heavy Body and one Light Body 50ml tubes for free, plus one Full Zirconia Posterior Crown for free. The dental office will need to use the Next Digital Impression Materials provided to make a case of single posterior crown and ship it to Dentalree at the dental office’s cost.

    Note: Dentalree will ONLY accept dental lab cases made from Next Digital Impression Materials. We use Fedex Express at our own cost to ship the crown to the dental office within two weeks after receiving the lab case. Limit of one Trial Pack per office.

  5. What lab work can currently be handled through the Digital Pack program?

    Currently Dentalree only accepts Single Posterior Crown and Night Guard cases.

    Single Posterior Crown includes the following:

    • Full Zirconia Crown
    • Layered Zirconia Crown
    • max Zirconia Crown
    • PFM Crown

    Night Guard includes the following:

    • Hard
    • Soft
    • Hard outside and Soft inside

  6. How much Next Digital Impression Material will I need?

    Here is a guide to how many cases can be completed with:

    • 10 Heavy Body (50ml) & 1 Light Body (50ml) -> 40 Crowns
    • 20 Heavy Body (50ml) & 2 Light Body (50ml) -> 80 Crowns
    • 2 380 Heavy Body (380ml) & 2 Light Body (50ml) -> 60 Crowns
    • One Night Guard uses the same amount of material as 2 Crowns

    We also offer a Free Mixer program for heavy use, which includes:

    • 24 380 Heavy Body + 20 Light Body + Free Auto Mixer -> 720 Crowns
    • Impression materials can be shipped in two deliveries at the dentist’s choice

  7. What is the pricing for lab work through the Digital Pack program?

    Here is pricing for Single Posterior Crown work:

    • Full Zirconia Crown: $75
    • Layered Zirconia Crown: $80
    • max Zirconia Crown: $85
    • PFM Crown/Non-precious: $75
    • PFM Crown/Gold: $75 + metal cost

    Here is pricing for Night Guard:

    • Hard:$85
    • Soft:$85
    • Hard outside and Soft inside: $90