Ree-Align Q&A

Q: Dentalree is not a dental lab, how are you offering Ree-Align orthodontic aligners?

A: Dentalree is not a dental lab, but we partner with an excellent dental lab – Illusion Aligners in India. Illusion Aligners has 31 years of experience, and they are the ONLY Indian brand to receive US FDA approval. Each aligner is made from premium aligner material Taglus and subjected to stringent quality checks. Ree-Align is another quality product brought to you by Dentalree.

Q: What material are these aligners made of?

A: These aligners are made with Taglus material  -  the global industry leading material for clear aligners. The manufacturer owns the patent for Taglus materials, which give us the ability to offer you these high-quality alighers at low prices.

Q: What iOS scanners can you use for these aligners?

A: We accept scans from all iOS scanners, including iTero.

Q: How are the Treatment Plans designed?

A: All of our Treatment Plans are designed by in-house orthodontists using our own proprietary software.

Q: What are the advantages of Ree-Align clear aligners?

A: Like all of our products, Ree-Align aligners are high quality at a low price:

High Quality: Ree-Align is made with premium aligner material and subjected to stringent quality controls. Ree-Align aligners have high optical clarity and are super thin with a thickness of just 0.8mm. They are crack & stain resistant and bring about consistent, accurate tooth movement throughout the treatment process, giving you your desired beautiful smile.

Low Prices: Our dental lab partner Illusion Aligners, who manufactures Ree-Align, and also owns the patent for Taglus materials; combines powerful software and AI robots to offer us an unbeatable combination of high quality and low price, which we pass on to our customers.

Q: What is included in the Aligner Pack? 

A: All of our Aligner Packs include:

  • Planning and design by in-house orthodontists
  • Fabrication of aligners
  • 3D printed model
  • Attachment template
  • Retainers (1 upper & 1 lower)
  • Free refinement / revision aligners for all cases:
    • For Quick Cases (up to 20 aligners for main treatment): 4 free refinement aligners
    • For Standard Cases (21-30 aligners for main treatment): 6 free refinement aligners
    • For Unlimited Cases: Up to 20% of the original number of aligners
  • Free shipping to your office

Q: What is the process to purchase Aligners? 

A: There are two steps:

Step 1: Submit patient information for treatment case design. There is no cost to create treatment case design. To request a case design, go to Order-design and add “Aligner Design – Order Design” to your cart and checkout. You will received an email with a link to the Illusion Aligners portal, where you will input patient information for your case design. You can also request a case design by calling us at 800-996-0886 or email us at

Within 2-3 business days after submitting information for your case design in the portal, you will receive the design via email for your review and approval.

Step 2: Approve treatment plan design and pay. Reply to the case design email or call us to approve the case design and treatment plan. Payment must be made when you approve the treatment plan. To make a payment, select the appropriate case type on the website, depending on the number of aligners in the treatment plan (Quick: 1-20 aligners, Standard: 21-30 aligners, Unlimited: 30+ aligners), and check out. You can also call us to make your payment. Once your payment has been received, manufacturing will begin.

Q: What information needs to be submitted for to design my aligner case?

A: Our convenient web portal has a comprehensive walkthrough of what you will need to submit for your case design, including:

  • STL files from your scanner including occlusion scans
  • Pictures of patients smile
  • Radiographic x-rays

Q: Once I submit documents for case design, what is the turnaround time to receive the treatment case design back for my approval?  

A: You should receive an e-mail with treatment plan details 2-3 business days after you submit the request for case design. Dentalree will follow up with you to confirm your approval.

Q: After I approve my case, how long until my aligners will be delivered? 

A: Once you approve the case, you will receive the aligners in 2-3 weeks. 

Q: When do I need to pay for the Aligner pack? 

A: Payment must be made at the time of approval of the treatment plan. After the payment is made, the manufacturing process will start.

Q: How much are aligner treatment cases?

A: The cost depends on how many aligners are included in the case:

  • Quick Cases (up to 20 aligners): $450
  • Standard Cases (21-30 aligners): $650
  • Unlimited Cases (unlimited aligners for main treatment): $899

Q: How many free aligners for refinement or midcourse correction are included? 

A: We only offer free aligners for the first refinement or midcourse correction, if needed. The redesign is free, along with the following number of aligners, depending on case type:

  • For Quick Cases (up to 20 aligners for main treatment): 4 free refinement aligners
  • For Standard Cases (21-30 aligners for main treatment): 6 free refinement aligners
  • For Unlimited Cases: Up to 20% of the original number of aligners

Q: How much do additional aligners cost?  

A: Each additional single aligner costs $15, plus a $49 redesign fee if needed.

Q: What type of retainer does the pack come with?  

A: Each case includes 1 upper & 1 lower Essex type Retainer for free.

Q: Can I get additional retainers? If so, how much are they? 

A: Additional retainers are $69 for a set of (1 upper & 1 lower), plus a $49 redesign fee if needed.

Q: Can I submit cases using an impression? Will it cost more? 

A: Yes, but please note that this will add additional processing time to your case design. You can ship impressions to our office at:



5390 Calgary Ct.

Las Vegas, NV 89117

Our Next Digital Impression Material works perfectly for this type of impression because it is fully digitally scannable. See Next-Impression-Materials for more info on Next Digital Impression Material.