The Maxso X200 Smart handpiece is designed to meet the expectations of modern dentistry. High quality components and a comfortable grip with a Micro-Tex finish provides superior handling. The well-aimed triple water spray will offer excellent coolant effects.

Thumb cooling


Triple Spray

Effectively cools the entire surface of the bur to avoid overheating, which provides higher patient comfort.


Thumb grip



Specially designed for smooth and quiet operation. It also provides superior torque and a long lifespan.


Thumb built in generator 2



The latest surface enhancement technology creates a micro-textured and scratch-proof surface that lowers the possibility of slippage during operation.


Thumb light compairson new



Strong chuck holding force to prevent slippage and improve power with 23W of torque.




Head Size (Width x Height) 10.8mm x 13.0 mm
Drive Air Pressure (PSI) 40-60
Power (WATT) 21
Speed (RPM) 400,000
Rotary Instruments FG burs according to EN ISO 1797-1
Φ / max.length (MM) 1.6 / 25
Chuck Type Push Button
Water Spray Triple


Code: HP2060
Model: X200-M/K
Connection: Kavo® Connection
Description: Fiber-optic, Triple Water Spray

Code: HP2066
Connection: NSK® Connection
Description: Fiber-optic, Triple Water Spray