If you want perfect impressions with NO Retraction or Hemostasis,
the patented MiTi 2-Bite system is the ONLY solution!

The following are the instructions for this new technology.

Carefully following the instruction will insure reliably perfect results every time.

WARNING: Using Too Much VPS Will ALWAYS Result
In A TIGHT - Fitting Or HIGH Crown

It is a Two-Bite Impression System.
Never Use Cords, Retraction or Hemostasis Again.
NEVER OVERFILL the MiTi tray with Heavy Body VPS, fill LEVEL to the
EDGE of tray .
ALWAYS TRIM excess Heavy Body VPS back to the edge of the tray after
it is set.
ALWAYS apply Light Body VPS onto the prep ONLY. NEVER apply onto
other teeth or onto the set Heavy Body VPS.