You can IPR with one or more of the following:

IPR Diamonds: Great for starting IPR and finishing edges

IPRDIA Kit - Most popular very thin & mosquito shaped diamonds all in one kit 

RR Rapid Reduction IPR Strips are used in interproximal and contact reduction, mesial/distal finishing and contouring; crown and bridge cement removal and cleanup. Rapid Reduction IPR Strips works with our reciprocating (back & forth) handpiece attachment for quick easy tooth reduction

Flat Diamond Coated strips with for tight contacts and opening up tight spaces, thickness depends of diamond grit (course, medium, & fine grit). We also introduce a Flat Strip Holder, there is a video to show you how to use it.

German made Reveted Diamond Disc for straigh hand piece attachment; discs are permanently riveted to the mandrel.

Also, IPR Riveted Diamond Disks KIT - Several different diameters of discs in a complete kit